An exceptional range of British Skincare beloved by celebrities worldwide.


Coveted by the world's most famous actors, models, celebrities, and royalty, Linda Meredith has pioneered a unique and luxurious range of highly active skincare.  Linda's approach to treating her notable clientele provides an alternative to invasive cosmetic injections and procedures, and her skincare range targets skin concerns, rather than skin types.   The Linda Meredith approach to skincare introduces the concept of layering, whereby the efficacy of each product is magnified when layered with another.

Enriching essential oils, vitamins, and proteins are carefully chosen to create innovative formulations and treatments with exceptional results.  Linda Meredith's V-TOX Oxygen facial introduced the use of medical-grade Oxygen to the UK beauty industry and this ground-breaking innovation led to the development of one of her signature products V-TOX, for in-salon and at home care.