Everything for the well-being of the feet.

Eduard Gerlach laid the cornerstone for the world brands GEHWOL and GERLACH TECHNIK in 1868 when he took over his father Ludwig's colonial wares business and expanded it with a pharmacy.

Eduard Gerlach rapidly acquired the reputation of a pioneer in foot care: In 1882, he brought "E. Gerlach's Preservative Cream" onto the market - the first industrially produced foot care product worldwide.

Today Gehwol believe foot care is as individual as the problems which make the lives of your customers and patients more difficult. Reliable help can only be provided if the respective problem is corrected precisely and efficiently. This is done by the wide product range of GEHWOL with the right mix of modern, long proven and natural active substances and recipes.


The brand is made up of three ranges:


GEHWOL is the classic foot care series. It offers the entire bandwidth of effective modern care. For everyone who wants to do something nice for their feet and legs.


GEHWOL MED is for stubborn foot and nail problems. The especially effective series of preparations has long proven itself in practice.


GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT has been the exclusive foot care series for professional foot care providers for more than 45 years. It offers the right solution for every foot problem.