Our Science 


évolis® is a pioneering hair growth collection rich in botanical actives and antioxidants, focused on harnessing the latest scientific research to give you thicker, stronger, healthier hair. 


Our scientists are hair biologists, who have developed our patented formula Anagen Extending Technology (AXT™) which extends the hair growth cycle, reducing hair loss, hair thinning and improving the quality of growing hair. 


With years of experience in Japan and Australia we have helped thousands of men and women see and feel the benefits in transforming their hair, their self-confidence, and their lives.  




How does it work? 


Hair loss is determined by a naturally occurring protein found in the scalp called FGF5. This protein controls the hair life cycle by slowing down hair growth and signaling hair to fall out in both men and women.


Hormones, genetics, changes in diet, stress, illness (such as COVID-19), trauma and age can upset the hair growth cycle leading to ongoing hair thinning and hair loss.  


Our patented technology inhibits the effect of FGF5 on the hair to preserve and extend the natural hair growth cycle so you can achieve thicker, stronger, healthier hair! 

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